The legal stuff

We've kept it as brief and simple as we can

The service

We, that is, Prominent Media Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales, Registration number 04634034, will provide a secure upload service, allowing people to send you files securely without using their own email.

Having received an upload, we will notify you via email. We will also notify the uploader via email that the upload has been successful.

You will be able to download the files sent to you by logging into your password-protected secure area. All uploads and downloads will be securely encrypted using HTTPS and 2048-bit certificates.

The files are stored at our ISO27001-compliant data centre in the UK. They are stored for a maximum of 14 days, after which they will be deleted automatically.


You pay for the service in advance, with a typical term lasting 12 months. The term will commence at the moment payment is successful.

There are different plans available, with different restrictions as to the number and size of uploads permitted.

Payments are taken via an online payment provider.

If you exceed the limits of you plan, your secure upload area will no longer accept uploads. You will be notified by email when your account is approaching its limit.

You may upgrade to a higher-capacity plan at any time. That will start a new plan, with a new 12 month duration. Any unused time (whole months) in your existing plan will be credited to you, reducing the cost of the upgrade.

Confidentiality and liability

We will not disclose the contents of any materials (files or other communications) sent using the service to any third parties, except where required to comply with the law.

Email is not perfect. You promise not to hold us liable if any notification fails to reach the intended party for any reason.

Any other liabilities are limited to the value of the current contract term.

You will not hold us responsible for the content of any materials uploaded to you using this service.

For the purposes of The Data Protection Act (pre-May 2018) and General Data Protection Regulations (post-May 2018), we are Data Processors.


You have the right to cancel the service within 7 working days of the term commencing, for a full refund. Simply use our contact form to contact us and request cancellation. After 7 days, you may still cancel the service, but we are not obliged to refund you.

If we need to cancel the service we will give you one month's notice. Any unused time remaining will be refunded.

If you misuse the service (including, but not limited to, using it in a way which is illegal) your contract will be terminated immediately, and no refund will be given.