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Accounts and limits

Can people send multiple files in one upload?

Yes. Howevever, because browsers generally only let you pick one set of files, the best thing to do is copy all the files you want to send to the same folder on your computer, and then select them all from there when you upload.

Are there any limits on the size of an upload?

Yes. Each upload cannot be larger than 150MB.

Are there any limits on the content of an upload?

Not in a technical sense. But please be aware of our terms of use.

I have another person in my organisation who needs their own secure uploads. Do they need a separate account?

No. Our Premium plan allows up to 5 departments, which are users (or groups of users) who have their own separate areas within your organisation.

If I purchase the Standard package, is it possible to upgrade later?

Yes. You will start a new 12 month term, and you will be credited for any unused portion of your original plan, reducing the cost of the upgrade.

When someone uploads a file, I need the notification to go to more than one person. Is that possible?

Yes, you can have multiple users for each department, each of whom will receive the same notification.

What if I need more capacity than the Premium package allows?

Please contact us to discuss enterprise pricing.

Legal and privacy

How does this help my GDPR compliance?

GDPR builds on the existing Data Protection Act of 1998, giving far stronger penalties for non-compliance. The existing guidance is available at SSL Upload addresses the advice in the following ways:

  1. We agree that email is inherently insecure.
  2. With SSL Upload, the data is encrypted at all times while in transit.
  3. With SSL Upload, is impossible to send the data to the wrong organisation, because the upload form is locked to the organisation's users.
  4. We enforce strong passwords.
  5. The guidance says: "Other systems are available which rely on the sender uploading encrypted data to a web application and using ordinary email to notify the recipient that a message is available". That's exactly what we do.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes. You can find it here.

Who has access to the uploaded material?

Only the registered users for the organisation accepting the uploads. Their access is controlled by a strong password.


How secure is it?

We use HTTPS with 2048-bit certificates to encrypt the files while they are in transit, both uploaded and downloaded. Digicert calculated that cracking a 2048-bit certificate would take 'a little over' 6.4 quadrillion years. The data is stored in an ISO27001-certified data centre in the UK, and the server itself sits behind a hardware firewall with very strict access controls. It's very secure.

Are the files kept forever?

No. The files are automatically deleted 14 days after they have been uploaded.

Integration and sharing

Is it easy to add this to my website?

Yes, very! You add a single line of HTML and the secure form is embeddded in your website, just like a YouTube video. Here is an example.

Do I have to have a website to use this?

No. We also provide a branded form available over a secure link. Here is an example.

My website is not secure. It that a problem?

No, the upload will still be secure. However, the visitor will not see the secure padlock in their browser, as your website itself is not secure. So if you want to give your visitors the confidence of the padlock, consider upgrading your site to HTTPS. None of this affect the security of the uploads, which are always secure.

If you have any questions on these points please do not hesitate to contact us.